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Superdays is an app to plan truly unique days for you and your friends

It comes in two different flavors: as a treat for yourself or as a gift for a friend:

The story behind Superdays

Stephan, the founder of Superdays, explains why giving his friends control over his calendar made him experience the most exciting days of his life. ⚡️️️️️ ⚡️️️️️ ⚡️️️️️
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… and so say others


My Days were packed with special activities and meeting friends - a tiring but extraordinary experience. Everybody should do superdays once a year!

Party Owl

That night from Friday to Monday was amaaaaaaaazing!


I used to think life was boring, now every day of my life has become a Superday and me the Superhero!
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Do you have a precious friend that you want to make happy? Or you want to treat yourself to something truly unique?
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